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MSS training and consulting services are tailored to support an organization’s missions, functions and standard operating procedures. All solutions are aligned with the goals, policies and regulations of the client. Adaptable solutions ensure that clients are able to rapidly meet new requirements and priorities.

Physical and Electronic Security

  • Petrochemical Facility Physical Security Measures
  • Facility Security Audits, Assessments and Plans
  • CCTV System Design and Intrusion Detection
  • Dissuasive Non-Lethal Security Measures
  • Exploration Platform Protection
  • Vessel Traffic Systems

Port Security and Safety

  • Facility Security Officer Course
    (US Maritime Administration certified)
  • Sea Marshal
  • Waterborne Security
  • Container Inspection
  • HAZMAT: Spill Prevention & Response
  • Audits & Compliance: ISPS/MTSA/C-TPAT/CSI
  • Coastal and Harbor Surveillance Systems

Maritime Law Enforcement and Security

  • Riverine Operations
  • Operations Planning
  • Anti-Piracy Measures
  • Boarding/Enforcement Officer
  • Information and Intelligence Management

Police Diving - Underwater Science and Technology

  • Dive Team Management and Organization
  • Search and Recovery Techniques
  • Photography and Video – Investigations
  • Hull & Port Security Searches
  • Diving Accident Management/SCUBA Rescue

Aviation Programs

  • Search and Rescue
  • Transport
    Armed Interdiction
  • Airborne Use-of-Force
  • Law Enforcement/Military
    Maritime Patrol & Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance and Intelligence
  • Integration for Actionable Missions

Immigration and Border Security

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Trafficking-in-Persons
  • Border Control and Security
  • Detection and Surveillance Systems




Foreign Military Sales

  • Vessel Acquisition/Transfer
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Equipment and Support Packages
  • Full Program Management
  • Strategic Planning

Armor and Ballistics

  • Advanced Combat Helmet Program
  • Body Armor/Helmet Requirements Support

Organizational Development

MSS provides in-depth support through the enhancement and development of programs and processes in key areas of an organization. Organizational development services are ideally initiated upon completion of a comprehensive risk and/or needs assessment. Key focus areas include Training Programs, Organizational Manuals, Strategy, Doctrine and Tactics, and Standard Operating Procedures.


Law Enforcement


Patrol Planning

Security Operations


Small Boat Repair


Audits and Assessments

The fundamental purpose of audits and assessments is to determine the current status of a function, process, or organization in relation to a specific criterion or goal. Through the use of comprehensive assessments, MSS develops Action Plans that provide the client with realistic options for current and future needs. Assessments may be implemented as stand-alone deliverables or as elements of broader support plans. All solutions are designed to be clear, specific, measurable, and sustainable.

Preliminary Phase

  • Pre-Assessment Visit/
  • Assessment Execution
  • Action Plan Development

Implementation Phase

  • Action Plan Execution

Completion Phase

  • Project Review/Audit
  • Client Turnover